Montag, 29. November 2010

councilor candidates and little hotties...

Now, we've certainly done our sharing of poking at the Z21 crew... but wow, Derek Stevens, you've taken it to the next level:

Bend City Council candidate Derek Stevens called a local television reporter who interviewed him a "little hottie" in an online chat room posting and placed her picture on the site.

Stevens, who is a designer and builder, acknowledged the postings on Gorillamask Forum, but said he would rather have voters focus on the issues than what he called "mindless fluff."

While on the forum, Stevens discussed the upcoming City Council race, as well as national politics. He often swapped verbal jabs with fellow users.

Among the more explicit posts were comments made about a local television reporter.

In November, Stevens posted the picture of the reporter, who had recently interviewed him at his office. Stevens called the reporter a "little hottie."

Holy hell, this guys running for Bend city councilor? That's even too far for Snarky... As if Bend didn't have enough problems already..........

Anyone want to run for city council?

Bus system, almost a reality?

We haven't been able to get through the plan that KTVZ has posted online for the new transit system but it's about time. We hope it becomes a reality because it's really needed in our community. I know Bend isn't the caliber that Portland and Eugene are but that's what sets us apart from them (oh and that they have Trader Joes and good shopping for the ladies).

Your thoughts?

Viewer mail

A reader asked the question "What happened to KTVZ's David Johns in the morning?"


A little hint, Brittney

Don't walk past Phil's 7 day forecast while it's airing


Viewer mail

From a viewer:

So I happen to be watching the TV Guide channel today and there is an
episode of TV Candy, which Melissa Rivers hosts. To my surprise the girl
they were transferming looked awfully familiar. It was Deanne from Z21.
She was made over to look more like "Faith" From the show Hope & Faith. I
can't seem to find any pictures or clips of it.

I thought maybe you could investigate it more and find something. It is an
episode from August of 2005.

Anyone have any dirt?

In our inbox this morning...

there were TWO viewer emails...keep them coming!

Hey Snarky,

Bend's got a Craigslist at last ( No more having to post on the Portland site and deal with idiots who can't read an ad to see the thing for sale is in Bend.


Hey Snarky,

Have you ever noticed the photograph on the 7:25 a.m. news update on Z21? It’s a photo of our mountains but it is flipped the wrong way … instead of the mountains from left to right being Broken Top, North Sister, Mt. Jefferson, it’s the reverse. How can a local NOT notice that?

Snarky fans, please discuss...

Where the hell are we again?

Yesterday the Bulletin published an article about the Bend Visitor & Convention Bureau's new flash animation that cost over $35,000 to make. What did BVCB and DVA think, they wouldn't get criticism? But really, is this video worth someone's job being in jeopardy? Come on people, get real. The video was not that bad and probably served it's purpose of being sent virally all over the country yesterday.

The article in today's Bulletin suggested via John Hummel that the Bend BVCB should have talked to the city council before launching the campaign. Is it standard practice for all marketing materials be shown to the city council that the BVCB puts out? Probably not, so why now?

Seriously, what's the fuss about? They were trying a new way to reach folks to get them to spend their money in our city boosting our economy. Big deal if they portrayed us as a bunch of pot smoking, incest loving rednecks. Can't we make fun of ourselves and laugh a little bit. The one thing missing ... California references.

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